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“Comprehensive planning by LPS AVIA delivers creative, practical solutions for megaproject air transportation systems and saves millions of dollars.”

Craig Russenholt, Senior Project Manager
Global Resource Sector

“LPS AVIA brings a fresh creativity and global view to airport and air service planning with an enthusiasm for new business solutions.”

Reg Milley, President and CEO,
Edmonton Regional Airports Authority

“LPS AVIA is a force multiplier when planning and implementing aviation projects. They always provide a value-added service.”

Martin Sefzig, Director Canadian Programs
European Aerospace and Defense Systems

“Staffed by a professional team of international aviation experts, LPS AVIA's knowledge of the challenges and practical solutions for air services is leading the way in expanding aviation access throughout the Arctic circumpolar region.”

Ben Ellis, Executive Director
Institute of the North, Alaska

“To my mind the slogan for the outstanding work of LPS AVIA should be - Converting Theory and Knowledge into Practical Achievements.”

Stanislav Nevzorov, General Director
Ulan Ude Airport Joint Stock Company, Russia