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A number of strengths differentiate LPS AVIA from other firms:

Old problems demand new solutions. After all, if the old answers to those problems actually worked they wouldn’t be problems any more, would they? Instead of trying the same thing over and over again, LPS Avia prides itself on taking a fresh look at the challenges our customers face.

Business Orientation
The most technically advanced solution is pointless if the customer has neither the resources nor the capacity to deploy it. Whether it’s streamlining operations, developing new sources of revenue, consolidating or re-purposing personnel, processes and equipment, LPS Avia consistently keeps its eye on our customer’s bottom line.

LPS Avia is absolutely fierce about our objectivity. Not allied with or beholden to any airport organization or manufacturer or airline, we offer only impartial advice and act solely on the client’s behalf, with no hidden agenda of trying to, for example, sell our customers any “stuff”.

We know of no other business with the interdependencies of the aviation sector. Airports, carriers, safety bodies, organized labour, the flying public, all have a stake and often differing priorities when contemplating changes to the system. The trick, of course, is the comprehensive accounting for diverse interests, reaching consensus and appropriate compromise to arrive at the most acceptable options. It’s a trick LPS Avia has successfully performed over and over again.

LPS Avia prides itself on bringing real-world solutions to real-world problems. All LPS Avia customers can be assured of receiving deployable, workable recommendations.

Whether as a prime or subcontractor, LPS Avia works where, when and how a client wants us to. We’ve been brought in for quick reality checks and we’ve worked on 6-year assignments. We’ve been the only supplier in the room and we’ve been involved with consortia of airlines, institutions and multinational companies. And we go wherever we’re needed – across North America, around the Circumpolar Regions, in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Depth of Expertise and Experience
There just aren’t many air transport consulting organizations with the institutional storehouse of knowledge and experience which we have amassed over our many years in the business.

This attribute may seem a bit odd to include but we strongly believe that the energy we bring to every assignment is a major contributor to our – and to our clients’ – success. Our passion for the field of aviation and our eagerness to arrive at unique but workable recommendations drives us the extra mile in every assignment.