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Although the air transport sector is one of the most technology-intensive industries in the world, it remains a people business. LPS AVIA has built a balanced core team of multidisciplinary experts. We have blended industry veterans who understand and have been instrumental in shaping the evolution of the sector with those who understand emerging technologies and modern business practices.

When required, we augment our project teams with independent consultants from our global network of associates. These seasoned professionals, each with a proven track record, are brought into our team for their understanding of regional conditions or for their highly specialized expertise.

Ted Lennox, President Ted Lennox Bio
Gregory Clark, Associate, Airport Infrastructure Gregory Clark Bio   Dr. David Bell, Senior Associate, Policy Dr. David Bell Bio
Ted Thompson, Senior Associate, ANS Ted Thompson Bio   Adam Martin, Senior Airport Planner R. Adam Martin Bio
Andrew Simms, Senior Aviation Planner Andrew Simms Bio   Andrew Macdonald, Airport Planner Andrew Macdonald Bio
Eric Hurley, Airport Planner Eric Hurley Bio   John White, Associate, International John White Bio
Laura Antle, Project Administration Laura Antle Bio   Doug Wilson, Associate, Economics Doug Wilson Bio
Lou Ranahan, Associate, Meteorology Lou Ranahan Bio   Jonathan Webster, Associate, Finance Jonathan Webster Bio
Bob Martin, Associate, Municipal Infrastructure Bob Martin Bio   Allen Barnett, Associate, Air Traffic Services Allen Barnett Bio
Jim Ballingall, Associate, Air Service Development Jim Ballingall Bio   Col. Bill Werny, Associate, Military & Aerospace Bill Werny Bio
Taras A. Tarasenko, Associate, Moscow Taras A. Tarasenko Bio   Ted Larkin, Associate, Aviation Finance Ted Larkin Bio