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From day one, two decades ago, we had a clear view of the kind of company we wanted to be and the values we would embrace. These principles have remained at the core of our business to this day.

To our clients, in all our business dealings, we pledge to be:

Honest – Our reputation is our most precious asset and we protect that reputation by being unwaveringly honest and straightforward in all our client relationships.

Direct – We are specific and completely on point, just as our customers desire us to be. We offer clear and concise direction in all our projects.

Professional – By nature and by corporate culture, our people adhere to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity, fostering fair, collaborative and productive client relationships.

Practical – Our cumulative experience in the field produces recommendations grounded in reality and based on proven results.

Value-driven – Our advice offers quantifiable savings or increased efficiencies.

Diligent – We do the heavy lifting. Our dedication and hard work pays off for our customers with projects delivered on time and on budget.

Independent – Our only vested interest is in our clients’ success. We are independant of any other supplier or manufacturer.

Enthusiastic – We live and breathe aviation. We put 110% into everything we do.