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Welcome to the world of LPS AVIA Consulting.

As a leading independent Canadian air transport consulting firm, we've earned our wings on more than 350 of the most challenging and rewarding projects in the North and South American, European and Asian aviation Sectors.

Through this diverse customer base we’ve developed a thoroughly creative and holistic approach to solving aviation-specific problems, an approach that always takes into account the interdependencies and multiple influences at play in every assignment we undertake.

In today’s environment of thinner margins, where air transport entities face unprecedented pressures to become more competitive, secure, and efficient, LPS AVIA Consulting offers high-value ways to improve your operations.

We trust you’ll discover how our experience and our passion for the industry, how our broad and deep service offerings and how our fully accountable and collegial business and client-oriented approach have contributed to our success.

We believe you’ll see how LPS AVIA Consulting can contribute to yours.

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Ted Lennox